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School classroom

Saspac Features

Discover the extensive array of features embedded in our academic administration software, meticulously crafted to streamline and elevate every aspect of education management. From learner enrollment and attendance tracking to grade management and communication tools, our platform provides a robust and user-friendly solution for academic institutions, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in administrative tasks and fostering an optimal learning environment.


Seamlessly manage all aspects of your school administration with ease, offering you a comprehensive solution tailored to streamline administrative tasks effortlessly.

Classroom Management

Saspac excels in classroom management for your school, offering a robust solution to streamline and enhance the organization and coordination of classroom activities and resources.


Saspac is equipped to manage your school's marks efficiently, ensuring accurate and organized tracking of academic performance.


Saspac efficiently handles all attendance tracking for both learners and staff in your school, providing accurate and comprehensive record-keeping.


Saspac proficiently oversees your school's markbook activities, offering a user-friendly approach to facilitate efficient grading and assessment processes


Saspac adeptly handles behavior tracking for your school, offering a comprehensive solution to monitor and analyze student conduct effectively.


Saspac excels in managing all school communication, providing  seamless and effective interaction among administrators, educators, learners, and parents.


Saspac manages learners promotions, providing a platform to oversee and execute promotional activities.


Saspac allows parents to re-register online for the following school year.


Saspac provides many standard reports which can be easily customized on-line.


Saspac adeptly manages all school consent processes, ensuring a streamlined and secure platform for handling various authorization needs efficiently.


Saspac adeptly handles all school registration tasks, providing a smooth and precise enrollment processes.


Saspac provides you with the tools to manage your textbooks as well as export the data to SA-SAMS.


Saspac excels in overseeing all financial aspects of school management ensuring efficient and organized financial administration customized to the specific needs of educational institutions.

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